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Release of MailServer

ASUSTOR’s Mail Server offers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that allows any business to easily maintain their own dedicated mail server.

Release of MailServer

Postby MacRoy » Mon Mar 17, 2014 11:23 pm

Hi !

When will you release MailServer for ASUSTOR and ADM 2.2 ?


ADM 2.2

ADM 2.2 significantly upgrades the browsing speed of the entire user interface, while containing all the great features that users enjoyed from ADM 2.1 including SearchlightTM, an ultra-fast search function for files, folders and Apps on the NAS, flexible 2-way backup support, mission mode that ensures for the successful completion of backup jobs, Dr. ASUSTOR system checkups and the App Central App repository that allows for the expansion of NAS functionality (over 120 unique Apps available). The ADM 2.2 upgrade features a variety of enhanced functionality and brand new Apps:

File Explorer: Users can now directly create shared folders and configure access rights from within the File Explorer interface. Large, medium and small thumbnail previews are now offered along with the ability to directly browse the file directories of the local computer. All file transfers and management in File Explorer can be done intuitively via “drag and drop” and users can view the status of any tasks through the task monitor.

Access Control List (ACL): Windows ACL and Linux ACL are now supported, allowing IT professionals to use the familiar Windows user experience to quickly configure shared folder access rights for users and groups on an ASUSTOR NAS. Furthermore these settings can be applied to Samba, File Explorer, AFP, NFS, or WebDAV allowing businesses to maintain flexibility and security with regards to data access.

MyArchive: Developed exclusively by ASUSTOR, revolutionary MyArchive storage technology allows users to use hard disks as removable storage archives. Users can simply plug in an archive when they need it and swap it out for a different one when they don't. MyArchive truly provides “plug and play” convenience as users are free to swap between different data collections and even share terabytes of media archives with friends. This effectively allows for increased transfer performance and the infinite expandability of storage on the NAS. It also allows users to save a significant amount of power by not having their NAS hard disks or an external drive attached to the NAS always powered on.

Mail Server: The New Mail Server App allows users to send and receive mail and supports SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols. Users can use the NAS to manage all email accounts and also perform email backup and restore jobs. Mail Server also includes antivirus and spam filter functions.

Photo Gallery: Photo Gallery's online albums feature integrated social media sharing, commenting, online photo rotation, slideshow mode, and configurable access rights for administrators. Photo Gallery can be paired with the AiPhoto mobile app to remotely access and share photos from the NAS, and sync photos from a mobile device to the NAS effectively expanding the limited storage space available on mobile devices.

Takeasy: Takeasy allows users to conveniently download online videos and playlists from YouTube, Vimeo, Youku and other video streaming sites. Users also have the option of selecting the type of video file and video quality that they want and can play downloaded videos directly from the ADM interface.

VPN Server: The VPN Server App supports the commonly used PPTP and Open VPN protocols allowing users to quickly establish secure connections and remotely access data on the NAS. VPN Server gives users the ability to instantly view connections and disconnect suspicious connections along with providing a comprehensive event log that lets users keep track of system status.

Cloud Backup Support: New integrated HiDrive and Google Drive cloud storage services provide flexibility and expand the cloud storage and backup options for ASUSTOR NAS users.

Surveillance Center: The upgraded Surveillance Center App adds support for Mac OS X web browsers and now supports IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) playback while offering support for additional camera channels2 through purchasable camera licenses. Users can now try RTSP streaming with the added support of Generic RTSP which currently allows for basic viewing and recording functions. In addition to accessing their surveillance feeds through the web or through an HD TV, users can now use the AiWatch mobile app (available on iOS and Android) to conveniently view surveillance feeds from their mobile device. Furthermore, the newly added camera patrol function3 allows cameras to focus on critical areas and features configurable camera patrol paths providing users with an even more efficient and flexible surveillance solution.

Antivirus: ASUSTOR's antivirus App stops malware from infecting the NAS, user accounts and other external devices. It effectively protects critical data on the NAS and prevents malware from spreading by providing automatic virus definition updates and quarantining of infected files.

Mobile Apps: ASUSTOR will be presenting 3 new mobile apps during CeBIT, which further add convenience to the modern NAS experience. These new mobile apps will include AiMusic which allows for the streaming of music collections from SoundsGood, AiPhoto which allows users to remotely sync and view photos in Photo Gallery and AiWatch, a dedicated mobile app for Surveillance Center.

Download Helper: Download Helper is an add-on for Google Chrome and FireFox that integrates the Download Center and Takeasy Apps, allowing users to instruct the NAS to download files and streaming videos while they are browsing the web. Download helper features a simplified download task monitor that also allows for the management of basic download tasks.

ASUSTOR will be exhibiting at CeBIT for five consecutive days. All those who are interested are sincerely invited to visit ASUSTOR in order to experience the latest NAS technology and innovative concepts firsthand.

ASUSTOR's exhibition information for CeBIT 2014 is as follows:

Date: Monday March 10th – Friday March 14th, 2014

Time: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Location: Hall 17, D23
Messegelände, 30521
Hannover, Germany


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Re: Release of MailServer

Postby Kapitein Haak » Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:12 pm

I would also like to use the new features (Mail Server and Photo Gallery). Any news Asustor?

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