AS6704T Setup problems

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AS6704T Setup problems

Post by RonnieEricsson »

I tried to install an M.2 drive with a heatsink next to a small plain one but the heatsink takes up too much space for them to fit next to each other. Is there a way around this, with adapters or something?

I now have the main drive, as Single, in slot 1 and the other in slot 4. However, the system doesn't recognise the second one.
Should I conclude that it is broken or could there be some other problem? I wish to have them set up as JBOD I guess.

Also, I got an error; "Network connection fail or API error" after 45% of the initialization and it stopped there, but I can log in to the ADM.
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Re: AS6704T Setup problems

Post by snapshot »

The QIG says to install the NVMe drives in order for 'the best possible experience'. I suspect we now know why. There's not really any evidence to conclude your second drive is broken just because it doesn't work in a slot that the NAS isn't looking for. To prove this, take out the SSD in slot 1 and put the other one in it to see if it's recognised.
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Re: AS6704T Setup problems

Post by geekoffended »

Ensure the M.2 drive is properly seated, update BIOS settings, check for firmware updates, and verify network configurations to resolve recognition and connection issues.
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