Drive read driving me up the wall

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Drive read driving me up the wall

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Hi all.

My endeavour into the realm of web hosting has seen a couple of ups and downs.

I got ransomware hacked.
ADM update screwed something up in IPv4

An up was that Ñážàŕ was extremely helpful on both issues, but I can;t rely on the lad all the time.

Ever since the the ADM update however the Asustor searches for about 3 minutes then stops for about 4 minutes, the searches again.
This is quite noisy.
It is now over a month since this started, night and day, day in, day out.
To get some peace, I'm having to shut the Asustor down every night.
I'm told that the badblocks that have now appeared have nothing to do with the constant disk searches. Not so sure.
Anyone any ideas?
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