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Hello here.

Virtual box seems really heavy to use on the NAS, so there is a way to install qemu-kvm instead?

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Re: qemu-kvm

Post by jeercress »

If you're finding VirtualBox to be heavy on your NAS, you can explore using qemu-kvm as an alternative. QEMU (Quick EMUlator) is a fast and efficient virtualization software, and KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a component that allows utilizing hardware virtualization capabilities in the Linux kernel.
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Re: qemu-kvm

Post by Thaldan »

OK, but there is a way to install it on asustor nas?
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Re: qemu-kvm

Post by father.mande »

Thaldan wrote: Fri Jul 05, 2024 11:24 am OK, but there is a way to install it on asustor nas?
Nothing really easy ... and depends of your requirement (in term of performance and functionalities supported by qemu/kvm).
A.D.M. is a Linux but more an embedded one than a standard distribution.

Some of the possibilities :

1 : use docker kvm (I never use docker ... I always use native software ... even I know it)
... ADM need : REQUEST to add irqbypass.ko kernel module (provide (by me) somewhere in the forum for another user).
... Limits and constraints (generally, but exception can exist):
... ... network is only local and based on NIC define in docker run
... ... kvm is launched as PID 1 (so no more easy access out of kvm)
... ... NO libvrt supported
... ... if you know how configure net promiscuous mode and macvlan, you can do modification for increasing network performance
... ... etc., etc., etc.

2 : use native complete environment.
... create a chroot with for ex. Ubuntu 2204
... install QEMU/KVM
request :
... load ADM kvm modules
... provide and load irqbypass.ko
... create and load for libvirt : virtio -net, -blk, -scsi, -ballon ... some documentation invoke -serial, but in fact it's a special device used by SPICE (for ex.) ... so it's not needed. ... GPL kernel source is provide by Asustor ... no real difficulty.
... configure network (local, macvlan, etc. multiple network interface are proposed as kernel modules by Asustor ... so choice based on your network knowledge)

... share a resource and mount it in chroot for file exchange with ADM and the worldand VM store.
... create init script to bypass systemd (easy except perhaps for autorun)

... tested (by me) with a previous 5.13.x kernel ... but in my current usage I use dedicated servers with QEMU/KVM and Vmware Workstation ... so you can test by yourself if you want to test :D

I think others solutions can exist ... so wait for more information from other users.

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