MacBook to NAS direct connection?

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MacBook to NAS direct connection?

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Asustor has a knowledgebase article on how to connect a PC directly via ethernet cable to a NAS (below). I’m wondering if I could use the same approach with the following hardware.
  • MacBook macOS 14.5
  • USB-C to ethernet adapter (lightening bridge?)
  • Ethernet cable
  • Asustor 6704T LAN1 connection
Following the Asustor (below) procedure does not seem to work. With everything on, connected and setup per procedure, the USB-C to ethernet adapter LEDs are on but do not blink to show activity. The MacBook shows the thunderbolt Bridge as [not connected]. When I unplugged the ethernet adapter the NAS showed a [Lan1 Lost] message on the LCD screen.

Q: How to setup direct connection between the NAS and the PC via a LAN cable
2023-09-06 ... up_id=1022
By connecting the NAS to the computer directly via LAN cable, the NAS shell retains its default static IP address which is, configures the PC LAN IP address to the same segment(for example, then you can use ACC to scan and list the directly connected NAS information.
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Re: MacBook to NAS direct connection?

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Do you have a router or another Mac that you can use to confirm the Mac side of things is working?
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