adding drives, cameras and other tips

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adding drives, cameras and other tips

Post by Drmark »

Good day all, I found a few things that took time to learn, sometimes the hard way. So this is a handy notes helper. Please add to it.

I have 5 6510T servers with around 40 18-TB drives. I buy refurbished and have never had one fail in years.

First note working with the volume. Adding cache
Storage Manager/Volume/Management/SSD cache
2 M.2 drives to add both read/write. Add only 1 and you can pick read OR write, not both. I have used both 512 and 2tb drives. 2 of each in matching pairs. Don’t mix sizes. They are so cheap.

Adding is simple, pick the option and let it do it’s thing.

Removing… now lets talk the right way. When you pick the option to remove the cache to add drives/expand the volume. I would suggest the following. Do it the evening before. Don’t click ok when it says 100% done. It’s not. It can take 24-hours to fully remove the drives. Let it do it’s job and take the time to complete. I have had 3 results.
1. It said I had a defective M.2. No, it was not defective so this warning was ignored. This was after 2-hours of it removing the cache. I rebooted the server when this warning came up and was able to add drive 7 to the server. Cache was removed.
2. OK, but unable to add the drive. SSD removal is not completed. If you see you need to remove the cache AGAIN, it’s STILL removing the cache from the original request. It’s not done yet. Chill and wait, this can take up to 24-hours.
3. Add the drive. No worries, added the drive and took time to integrate.

Add the drive to your server.
Storage Manager/Volume/Management/RAID/Add Disk(s)
Add your drives, click this option
Time it took. I have 18TB drives. Server with 7 drives, adding 1 more took 5 days to integrate. Rebooted and the server expanded the volume.
Server with 7 drives, added 3 more for a total of 10 18TB drives. Taking 7-days to integrate.

When this process is complete then add your cache back. Reboot the server.

Adding Cameras for surveillance.
TP-Link Tapo 2K QHD Security Camera Outdoor Wired, Starlight Sensor for Color Night Vision, Free AI Detection, Works with Alexa & Google Home, Built-i (Camera)
I use 4 of these, they work in -25F weather. Great at night but try to add some light. Cheap at under $40 each
Asustor tech support helped me set these up.
Name Camera1 2 3 etc
Model Generic
IP/Host 192.168.1.# The camera is Wi-Fi enabled. Get it on your network and you WILL see an IP address for each camera. Each one will have a different address. The IP address for the camera goes in the IP/HOST box.
PORT: 2020 The camera refused to function till the port was set to this number. I have 4-cameras working and each has the same port number.
For username and password. When you buy the camera(s) Create an account using the TP-Link app. This is the account and password you need to access the camera. Even if it warns you it failed to access on your Asustor… you should have control of the camera.

I don’t know how days it takes to add smaller drives. Please add here if you have more info below.

Asustor tech support. OMG they are actually VERY good. Helped me twice and did one heck of a job. I can't thank them enough.

The front display losing the text.
Option 1. reboot the server. If fixed, done. If not go to option 2.
Option 2. Disable the message, reboot. Reenable message. Should be fixed.

Network speed.
I have a 10-gig network with smart and dumb switches.
If you have or are planning on upgrading be advised.
1. Set Jumbo Packets in Windows and Asustor server to 9000. Default is 1000.
2. Speed of your drives does affect the transfer speeds. Faster 7200 RPM will usually yield fast transfers.
3. The bad news. Windows 11, MS broke the kernal for transfers on Oct. 4rd 2022. Now you can get a burst speed of maybe 700ish but it should settle down to 300-450 speeds. I used to get up to 1 gig a sec speed.
But Mark.. that's not true and I know it. Well... sadly it is, I am on the MS beta forums and yes, they know and everyone else knows it too.
Win 10 is not affected (I am told) by this bug.
MS does not seem to care, the statement they released a year ago was, No one really uses anything over 1-gig so we are not going to prioritize a fix.

The new end date is June 24, 2025 for Windows 11, version 22H2 Enterprise and Education editions. Home and Pro editions of version 22H2 will receive non-security preview updates until June, 26, 2024. Still reported as broken June 26th 2024

I did upgrade my network to 25-gig. Speeds actually were slower than the 10-gig. I downgraded the network back to 10.
More to come as I think of it.

How do I add a shared folder you can access from your network?
Access control / Shared Folders Button at the top to add/remove them there. Don't forget to set your Access rights when done.

Pro tip. Create a password for you (full read/write access) and one for read only. Use the read only for access that only accesses the data. Example a Home theater PC should be read only.
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Re: adding drives, cameras and other tips

Post by Drmark »

This post will contain a few youtube Links
The fan went out? oh no.... Here is how to replace it.
Looks like they use Y.S. Tech fans
70mm 0.46 amp DC 12 volt
120mm 0.3 amp DV 12 volt

How to replace the CMOS battery if that goes out. Standard CR2032 3V flat battery.
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Re: adding drives, cameras and other tips

Post by Drmark »

ClamAV on App Central
This is really the only app I use. It does need to be setup. It's a little confusing so here are a few tips
Install it, once installed click the Square box with the arrow pointing up in the middle. This is the config.
Click Add a Task, All folders
I setup the task to scan daily early in the morning each week.
Scanned max file size. Depends on your data.
Default I "Delete"
Update, update now and setup to auto update or it will use the old info for viruses.

Pro Tip, go back and check this program once a month, it can "forget" the settings and not update. Even though you setup the virus definitions to update DO expect it to not do that.
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