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Data Transmission Error Message

Post by b999 »

My AS5304T with 4 4TB WD Red drives (3.5 years) started beeping due to "Data Transmission Error" on one of the drives. I ran through the SMART test with no issues.

The RAID 6 shows no error message, only the drive. On the Storage Manager Overview there is a white "x" in a red circle for the one drive.

Do I need to replace the drive?
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Re: Data Transmission Error Message

Post by Nazar78 »

Probably, try shutting down, reinsert that particular disk, then boot and check again. Do a full SMART and badblocks scan.
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Re: Data Transmission Error Message

Post by ivanyu »

Does this happen recently after you upgraded to ADM 4.2.7 ?

I have the same happening to a brand new SSD as drive 1 in my AS3304T. I have fully scanned the SSD, there is no single bad sector.

I never had this issue in previous version of ADM
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