AS3302T Temperature too high?

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Bob Mc
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AS3302T Temperature too high?

Post by Bob Mc »

My newly installed AS3302T (Raid 1) is operating at around 64C/147F (CPU) and 53C/127F (both disks) when running a backup; just a degree or two lower when idle. Fan running at 1383rpm when operating a backup and @950 when idle.

The vent on the back of the unit is clear with air being pushed out by the internal fan.

Temp seems high to me. My older ASUSTOR NAS runs much lower temps both when operating and when idle.

What say you? Anything I can do about it?
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Re: AS3302T Temperature too high?

Post by aunger1001 »

You can adjust the fan settings if you would prefer to change from auto. I am not having this particular issue with my setting of auto. Mine hover around 85F to during heavy use 104F which has only been during raid initialization.
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