【Newsletter#214】DAS vs. NAS vs. SAN – What’s the Difference?

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【Newsletter#214】DAS vs. NAS vs. SAN – What’s the Difference?

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Hundreds of different types of storage solutions exist nowadays, but with the advancement of technology, demand for storage increases by the day. In addition to USB hard drives and public cloud services, establishing dedicated personal storage and a proper backup solution can be daunting. Among them, DAS, NAS and SAN appear to have similar names, but what are the differences?
-NAS (Network Attached Storage): Network Attached Storage devices are connected to your local network and can provide multiple computing devices with access to data as if it was local storage. Devices that are considered NAS devices can include the Lockerstor series and Drivestor series.

-DAS (Direct Attached Storage): DAS devices need to be connected to a computing device through a wired connection. Since DAS devices do not contain an independent computer inside, they cannot work independently. With an ASUSTOR NAS, ASUSTOR’s expansion units are DAS devices that connect to an ASUSTOR NAS to expand the amount of storage an ASUSTOR NAS is able to address.

-SAN (Storage Area Network): Storage Area Networks are dedicated high-speed networks used to connect multiple servers together. All storage resources can be centrally accessed, replicated and protected, but are expensive and difficult to set up and manage.

In conclusion, an ASUSTOR NAS is a safe, affordable and efficient network storage solution. ASUSTOR NAS devices have a variety of applications to meet the diverse needs of users. Different models cater to different groups and are expandable with ASUSTOR’s line of expansion units for even more storage.

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