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Asustor 6104T general question Virtual Box Control

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Asustor 6104T general question Virtual Box Control

Postby neo999 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:50 pm

Hi there....

i have a question about controlling virtualbox and other applications on my 6104T.
I know i can control them over hdmi,Monitor,Mouse and keyboard. My NAS is on another place far away
from my desktop PC so i need it to control remotely ....
Is there an option to control it like rdm ?

many THX

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Re: Asustor 6104T general question Virtual Box Control

Postby AngeL » Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:45 am

By enabling/playing with EZ Connect settings in Services you can set up remote connection to asustor portal.
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Re: Asustor 6104T general question Virtual Box Control

Postby giostark » Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:03 pm

AngeL is right , however I prefer dont refer to 3rd parts for communicate with my stuff. This reason im configuring a private NAS. Otherwise I could remain with google stuffs , mail and so on.
If you wish waste some time to setting up your equipment here the main lines of what i have done for reach your task.

With your provider dont you have a business plan? If not ,probably you will have a dynamic IP assigned. For make you NAS ALWAYS reachable in the remote network you must make a connection between it and the remote network.
1)open an account on and in there configure a link to the IP address of yourNAS. There you can choose a name (as you wish , so a cool one :-) to digit in the address bar that will be converted in your IP and will route the remote requests to your NAS.
2)enter in your router and under the DDNS section (or similar) configure the link to the service of NoIP. (Putting ID e PW of the NoIP service). So , the router will communicate every IP changing to the NoIP service making your NAS always reachable in the remote network.
The NoIP service is free but you have to renew it manually every month. Few click do the job. (an email for renewal arrive before expiring). OR .. Choose any other service you like (or that is present in the router DDNS config section).
1)Assign a static IP to your NAS . Ex
2)Now you must say at your router to redirect all the remote requests to your NAS. Go still in the router menu and search for port-forwarding (or similar) and open the proper port for the NAS address in your local network accordingly to the service you need . In this table you can find all the relatives port to be opened: ... r-services
So for access to the "ADM Web service" from remote network, in port-forwarding you should put - TCP (type of port) and 8000, 8001. (the input box can be in different order)

C) Now for connect from remote network to your NAS you just have to enter in your remote address bar : and your NAS should appear.

D) for make the VirtualBox accessible from remote network refer to this 3d : viewtopic.php?f=46&t=9506
Substantially you must install all the necessary apps in AppCentral , still open the proper port in the router (web server service), and activate the WebServer service in the
Asustor ADM (under Service section).

I know is not all easy and instantaneous. But ! If you like to be maker of yourself this can be an alternative.
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