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App Central ends support for KODI (what we can do)

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Re: App Central ends support for KODI (what we can do)

Postby Frank123 » Wed Apr 04, 2018 8:46 pm

for my 6102 i get the same error with every of the 5 files :-(
i reboot the nas now and try it again.
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Re: App Central ends support for KODI (what we can do)

Postby father.mande » Thu Apr 05, 2018 1:06 am

bimbo wrote:@father.mande, i must install an older version of openpht (0010_999_1491562877_openpht_1.7.1.R03_x86-64.apk). When i install the one from App store it automatically update xorg to r35 with lost Ac3 in Kodi.

OK ... no idea if something is changed in App. Store by Asustor
... my "original" APKG is available here : viewtopic.php?f=165&t=8022&start=50#p25092 (Download section)

If something goes wrong ... I can provide you a "manual" update (so APKG don't seem to change (1.7) but code can be updated to 1.8.0 ... even if it's the end of life for openPHT.

The only possibility to "lost" AC3 are :
Asustor update the Intel HDMI sound driver to suppress some codecs ... but risky ...
The other possibility is that EDID with extended audio description is not return to application (this is visible generally in Xorg.0.log)
last Kodi will be modified to suppress libraries when built ...
... for ex. some addons audio decoder are missing
... Kodi.bin itself is smallest than usual (18,2 Mo.) when my own built is at 39 Mo.) and ldd (list internal libraries) ... list a reduce set of linked libraries ... so some compile option to suppress some parts ...

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My Blog specific to my APKG :
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Re: App Central ends support for KODI (what we can do)

Postby Patrick » Wed Apr 11, 2018 3:08 pm

I also try to manually install old version apps, it MUST need to manually install each one, especially the App who depends on Xorg.
If you only manually install old Xorg version, and install other App (Portal, web browser), it will auto update the current Xorg version.
You also need to manually install Portal and Web browser, Remote center...
After that kodi can work.

Provide Xorg corresponding file name for different x86_64 models:

AS31, AS32: 0010_999_1512704073_xorg_10.14.7.R33_x86-64.apk
AS50, AS51: 0010_999_1512708048_xorg_10.14.7.R33_x86-64.apk
AS61, AS62: 0010_999_1512702930_xorg_10.14.7.R33_x86-64.apk
AS63, AS64: 0010_999_1512706376_xorg_10.14.7.R33_x86-64.apk
AS70: 0010_999_1512704969_xorg_10.14.7.R33_x86-64.apk

I still trying to find solution for my testing kodi version to use private Xorg library, not Asustor Xorg library to avoid this kind of issue.
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Re: App Central ends support for KODI (what we can do)

Postby samavi » Thu Apr 12, 2018 4:52 pm

On my as 5102T i'm using the last version of Xorg from the App Central and

previous version off :


And everything fine for me on Kodi with AC3 and DTS sound working like a charm
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Re: App Central ends support for KODI (what we can do)

Postby Frank123 » Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:39 pm

if someone is getting the same error.
i resolved it for me.
you have http acces over port 8000 and https access over port 8001 to this asustor.
i was connected over http and was getting the error all the time.
then i connected over https and first attempt to install the apk was successful!

Frank123 wrote:i'm trying to install the old versions, but i'm stuck at the point installing old xorg version.
I downloaded the file and when i want to install it it says "Unable to upload. File format is invalid for ADM 2.0. (Ref. 5041)"
My ADM version is 3.1.0.RFQ3.
i tried to download the file several times, used different browsers, but evertime the same message :-(
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Re: App Central ends support for KODI (what we can do)

Postby earthwalkerx » Wed Apr 25, 2018 2:37 am

Hyena wrote:You can find my solution this below if you wants to get back our belowed Kodi to your asustor nas if you updated your app, or uninstalled kodi....
First of all you must uninstall the following apps from that: (if you uninstall this it will also remove almost everything necessary)
asustor portal
remote center
web browser

After this you should download the following apps from the asustors website. ( )


0010_999_1518494437_soundsgood_2.1.0.r830_x86-64.apk (its opcional but if you wants to use the soundsgood you must download this one also)

If you have everything, you must install them manually one by one , its important to manually install because if you try to install them from the app central it will update the to the latest which will have no sound on the KODI.

Here are the install sequence:

web browser
remote center
as portal

and soundgood if you want it.

If you done everything well you can see 3 available updates in the app central (, ffmpeg, soundsgood) BUT DON'T UPDATE THEM because if you do it you'll have no sound on your ac3/dts movies!

This solution works well for me, but as i can see don't have so many time since maybe a future update will cause more complications...

As to myself i will buy a separated movie player for example a Zidoo X9s, or an Amlogic S905X device (its bloody cheap and works pretty well with libreelec) .
Until now i had a plan to upgrade my AS5104T nas to a new one which capable for 4K video play but without KODI its absolutely meaningless.

This work for me fine :)
I use many tv addons via kodi, also my movie libary
It's not an option for me to quit.
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Re: App Central ends support for KODI (what we can do)

Postby bimbo » Wed Apr 25, 2018 3:55 am

Another way, that posted a friend from german forum:
Download this file :
and read the readme file. I updated firmware and all apps to newest version and copy the file in .zip afterwards and it work :D

Hope that Asustor will not block this in future...
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Re: App Central ends support for KODI (what we can do)

Postby wolvverine » Sat Apr 28, 2018 2:52 am

Currently, you can no longer trust packages from Asustor. The only solution is to replace kodi and "poisoned" ffmpeg, xorg with packages made by the community that will overwrite those from Asustor.
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Re: App Central ends support for KODI (what we can do)

Postby vitosx » Thu May 17, 2018 4:27 am

bimbo wrote:Another way, that posted a friend from german forum:

Thank you bimbo for sharing this!

The trick is to put "old fully functional" ffmpeg library into Kodi library folders, so the app will use it, and Asustor no longer updates Kodi, so they can't block this behavior.

The Kodi will stop working only after Asustor upgrades some crucial system libraries which you can't replace the same way - like xorg. Which won't happen in my opinion until some major ADM version jump.
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Re: App Central ends support for KODI (what we can do)

Postby TinCanFury » Mon May 21, 2018 4:37 am

so if I'm using passthrough for those compression schemes will it not affect my usage?
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