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[I did it] removing volume1

[I did it] removing volume1

Postby sksbir » Thu Jun 09, 2016 3:51 pm

Here is a little feedback about what will happen when you choose to remove volume1.
You have to do this if you want to downgrade or breakdown your Raid1 configuration which was installed on volume1 ( my case : Raid 1 on 2x2Tb disks on 2 slot NAS AS5002T, currently installed with ADM 2.6.1.R5H1 ).
You can also do this if you want to install volume1 on an another disk, if the volume1 is a single disk and you don't want to "upgrade" to raid solution.

storage manager ==> volume1 ==> remove. You get a pop-up:
Removing volume 1 will cause the following:
1. All data and shared folders on volume 1 will be deleted and cannot be recovered
2. All services will be temporarily disabled
3. All installed Apps will be deleted
4. During the volume removal process, please do not turn off the NAS.

If you proceed, what is described here will happens.

Here is what I found still installed after resetting volume1
- Access control --> local users, local groups
- settings --> general, http port/ https port, including certificates
- settings --> network
- settings --> ADM defender : Firewall , network defender ( everything kept but rules associated to geoip database )

here is what I lost after resetting volume1:
- Access control : shared folders, App privileges
- shared folders ( I suppose the only ones located on volume1 but I had no other volumes at time of reset to be sure of that )
- Installed App and all parameters associated to this app.
> geoip database ( and thus, rules in network defender which relies on this app )
> vpn server ( and it's openvpn configuration )
> ftp explorer ( and defined hosts )
> owncloud and mariadb database
> Download center

I noticed that Backup&Restore-->system settings-->Import settings ( from scheduled export ) don't works

next step soon : physically remove the disks and reboot with new disks...
[EDIT] Finally, I didn't that, but just remove again the volume1. With 2 disks inserted in my NAS, I had the ability to reinstall directly volume1 on the other disk, and this was my aim.
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