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play music with aimusic

AiMusic allows you to stream music from your NAS to your mobile device, letting you enjoy your entire music collection while on the go. You can play music from playlists that you create yourself for an optimal listening experience.

play music with aimusic

Postby Ubuntux » Wed Aug 01, 2018 3:23 am

Im testing aimusic to see if it will meet my needs and for now it seems very nice! I see i can play the music on the NAS and play it from speakers connected to the NAS, but currently and hopefully forever my NAS is hidden.. So im interested in hearing how you play music with aimusic to speakers?

I know i can use bluetooth and chromecast (audio) but is there other ways wirelessly? Id love high quality msuic and all my songs is flac (not converted from mp3, but from wav - directly from CDs) thats why i want to be able to play it from the NAS to the speaker and not from NAS to phone at home..

Im not interested in expensive solutions, but a decent price level..
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