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Android - AIFoto 3 alternatives

Browse through your favorite memories from Photo Gallery while on the go or instantly upload photos that you have taken to your NAS. Additionally, all offline albums can be protected by passwords further increasing your privacy. You can also use the instant album upload function to automatically transfer photos from your mobile device to your NAS, making photo backup a breeze!

Android - AIFoto 3 alternatives

Postby zorrotwee » Fri Aug 20, 2021 9:18 pm

Hi All,

I have a photo library of about 100k pictures together with my wife. We take most pictures with our Android phones and on special occasions with a camera.
In my current system once in a while I would backup all the pictures from all devices to my NAS and then update all devices automatically with the complete library, and in case of the phones the most recent pictures, that way we would have at least 2 copies of all the files (laptop and NAS) and everyone has access to all pictures they needed.

I was now looking to automate this process and to also make all pictures available on all devices and only the most recent.

I setup everything with Photo Gallery 3 and AIFoto 3. But I found it working to slow. When I open the AIFoto 3 app or even when opening the photo gallery app on my laptop I only see gray boxes. it will take a minute or more to load the most recent pictures. It also seems like every time I open the app, all thumbnails have to be loaded again from the internet and the boxes are grey again.

Is there anyone who has a solution to make this better or an alternative setup for this?
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Re: Android - AIFoto 3 alternatives

Postby chocolate » Thu Sep 16, 2021 3:47 pm

which model do you have? the ones with ARM cpu are bite slower by its natur, but the NAS:s with intel cpu should work fine
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