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7.02 update available

PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2014 1:27 am
by ho66es
updated to 7.02 using owncloud updater, all fine :)

Re: 7.02 update available

PostPosted: Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:56 am
by Elrique64
7.02 is available now in the Asustor apps. I installed it after I had a known good working copy of 6.x... (This DID take a while, unfortunately!) There were alot of issues regarding port forwarding, domain access and other things just becoming problematic. As I got one issue resolved it opened the door to a couple of others... :/

In any case, ownCloud 7.02 works great with the install instructions posted on these forums. The only caveat I have to them is: Make sure you make the user ID "owncloud" in myphpadmin. If you try to make it the actual user's user ID this won't work.


Mike G.