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VPN for 'some' traffic

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VPN for 'some' traffic

Postby acurrington » Fri May 01, 2015 3:35 pm

Hi there,

Within the Settings option you can configure a VPN. I have set one up, and have enabled the option to 'Route all client traffic through the VPN server'. This seems to work well.

But, I can't use Plex... I have a PIA OpenVPN setup, and the traffic flows, but it appears my Plex port (32400) isn't open at PIA.

Is it possible to route only certain traffic through the VPN, so that I can have Plex not going through it, but everything else going through? I really would love to be able to access Plex (and in fact a couple of other apps - Ubooquity being one) by bypassing the VPN and going direct to the server.

I found this conversation on the PIA website which appears to tell me I can use ports that are retrieved via a script - ... nced-users . Has anyone done this successfully?
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