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AS202-TE no media streaming on TV

AS202-TE no media streaming on TV

Postby 1ledzep » Wed Feb 06, 2019 7:43 am

Hello All,
Desperately needing help to complete set of my Asustor AS202-TE box.

I have connected the AS202-TE via Ethernet cable directly to my home router and via HDMI cable to my 49" LG Smart TV.

Using AI_Videos and AI_Music apps I can now stream movies/music from AS202 to my mobile phone and tablet. However, I cannot access my AS202-TE from my LG television. I have installed Twonky media Server and a library was assembled from the contents of the NAS. I can access the files from the browser interface on my laptop but my TV won't see the Twonky Server.

After much frustration I installed Kodi on a Firestick device I have but it cannot connect to the AS202-TE either.

Interestingly, movies stored on the AS202-TE won't play using the LooksGood web interface on my laptop. The library is visible in the UI but streaming doesn't work from the laptop browser.

I think I have added the correct port information for the apps but suspect I am still missing a basic configuration setting or a firewall rule somewhere along the line. Can you please advise the basic steps I need to take to get my TV to see the AS202-TE? Any help is much appreciated

Kind regards,
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Re: AS202-TE no media streaming on TV

Postby orion » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:25 am

I know nothing about LG TV's capability. I think you can try:

  • Find another apps on LG TV. For example plex player?
  • Try another media server on NAS, for example, plex media server, upnp media server, miniDLNA, ...etc.
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Re: AS202-TE no media streaming on TV

Postby joe » Sun May 26, 2019 6:58 pm

It sounds like a NAS network service setup issue to me rather than anything related to LG TV features / limitations if the OP has gone down the road of attempting to use KODI installed on a Firestick and still has issues getting KODI to see NAS shares / files.

Personally I have these network services enabled on my AS202-TE:

  1. Samba with min SMB level SMB1, max SMB level SMB3 and SMB signing set to auto
  2. FTP server on it's default port
  3. SSH server on it's default port
That lot is usually a decent enough spread of protocols for whatever any other software needs to enable successful connection to the NAS.
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