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A server could not be found... tips would be appreciated

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A server could not be found... tips would be appreciated

Postby kelben » Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:31 pm

Hi there!

I currently run an as-604t NAS and want to try install PLEX as I need a series view tracker badly.

I installed the PLEX server on my NAS and access the server just fine (, but it says on left side it cannot find the server. I turned off the VPN as suggested in troubleshooting but no luck.
Have googled how to add files to my library etc etc but I'm still stuck.

This might be a really noobish problem, but still a problem for me :D Im thankfull for all help.

And last.. do I need a new NAS to be able to browse 4K movies? I'm currently viewing 4K content just fine through it as a DLNA server. If I should, which of the new ones do you suggest? I currently have 4 disks in raid mode. Is it easy to buy a new 4 bay nas from asustor and keep my files?

Thanks for all help in advance.
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Re: A server could not be found... tips would be appreciated

Postby Drosophila » Mon Oct 22, 2018 10:27 pm

I have a similar problem (running an AS6404T). My Plex server was working fine, but now it is unaccessible (using the current version of the Plex Server

When trying to load the server by either the Plex Media Player (windows 10), Webplayer (Chrome, Win10) or Plex app (android) I get the message: 'The server "Name of Server" is unavailable'.

When I try to lunch the Plex server directly from ADM (the current version 3.2.2.RM92) the page fails to load and I get the following error message: 'The connection was reset - The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading'. (This works fine for my Emby server).

And it does not help to disable and re-enable the server in the App Central or re-boot the NAS...
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