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XBMC is Dead ?

Currently XBMC can be used to play almost all of the popular audio and video formats around. It was designed for network playback allowing you to stream multimedia directly from your NAS via HDMI to any monitor or directly from the internet using practically any protocol available.

Re: XBMC is Dead ?

Postby twofingertyper » Wed Apr 20, 2016 2:01 am


Thanks for the post - I don't frequent the forums much these days, and gave up on XBMC/Kodi in favour of Plex which does a very good job across a few platforms that I have, I still have some niggles, but hopefully getting there...

Just curious as to how revised your set-up works? I'm not familiar with the android boxes - are you essentially using your NAS as an external HDD, and all the processing comes from the android box?
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Re: XBMC is Dead ?

Postby johnfk » Fri May 13, 2016 1:46 am

I had contact with Asustor about the XBMC scraper (movie database) not working anymore.

Bodem line is that Asustor is not able to help. They have a problem with XBMC and the AS2, 3, 6 series because they can't be upgrade to Kodi. I can understand the problem but not that they let their costumers down like this. This are not cheap NAS and they should offer a solution.

I give them 2 suggestions.

1 - Give a discount to customers to upgrade to a new NAS with KODI support. Good for Asustor (sales) and good for customers because they get Kodi.

2- Devolep their own videoplayer that use the HDMI port. Then there is no independentcy to others like now with XBMC.

The reply was no discount and no reply on devolep their own video player. However they do suggest to buy a AS31 Series. Ehhh.... really?? do they think if they let their customers done like this I EVER.. EVER.. going to buy another thing form Asustor??????

No thank you.... I'm looking to Qnap and Synology now.
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Re: XBMC is Dead ?

Postby MikeG.6.5 » Fri May 13, 2016 10:23 am

The scraper on XBMC being dead is XBMC's choice, not Asustor's!!! Did you not read any of these posts covering this in this thread already?

Well, have fun with the lack of XBMC support from the other manufacturers. As I have stated in this thread many times XBMC is DEAD! It died when the developers moved all of their energy to Kodi. Kodi no longer supports the lower end CPU's in many models of NASes as the drivers needed to be purchased from a third party yet again, for development. No developer is going to buy the drivers for a device he personally doesn't own, so guess what? No Kodi support for these models of NAS.

This was a conscience decision by the developer of a third party app that Asustor included in their app store. The fact that the app is no longer supported by that team isn't Asustor's fault, but you are blaming them for the shortcomings of that team. That's sort of like blaming the car manufacturer for a flat tire on your car. They didn't make the tire, and yet it's on the car you bought, right? Or poor radio reception in the car. No difference, IMO.

Had you already read the various posts in this thread, you would have already gotten the answer to your questions about Asustor supporting the app. But hey, you didn't and now you come across as an idiot reviving a post we all had hopes would die, because you are stuck on an app that is officially dead by the developer's choice. (Not the device manufacturer, I remind you!)

Asustor has gotten enough flak over this. If you aren't happy with the product you have 3 choices as I see it:

1) return the NAS
2) suck it up and move to another device
3) find alternative apps that fulfill your needs.

I have already suggested numerous times what app I KNOW will run on a 202T, the smallest NAS Asustor has made, so, the choice is yours.

So, friend, I wish you luck in your life, no matter which choice you decide to make. If you go to different manufacturer's device, at least you will be harassing them over an app that's no longer functional and not bothering us.

And just to keep any further discussion on this particular DEAD application I'm going to suggest to the Admins it be closed, locked and moved to archives. The app is dead, support should no longer be an issue so there is no longer any need for the sub-forum.
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