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Download error

PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 7:09 pm
by Caktuz
All my files are downloaded and works fine but it get this error every time a download is finished.

Download failure.JPG
Download failure.JPG (28.12 KiB) Viewed 5926 times

Re: Download failure error

PostPosted: Sat Dec 21, 2013 9:24 am
by clinton.hall
if you click on this download, it should show what worked and what didn't/// most probably you have a pp script that failed?

can you show that screenshot?

Re: Download failure error

PostPosted: Mon Dec 23, 2013 7:29 pm
by Caktuz
Thank you for your reply :) It seems that it's the par checking that fails..

error 2.JPG
error 2.JPG (204.62 KiB) Viewed 5897 times

error.JPG (38.3 KiB) Viewed 5897 times

Re: Download failure error

PostPosted: Tue Dec 24, 2013 3:09 pm
by clinton.hall
ok... can you confirm what settings you have for nzbget par check/repair?

Have you actually set up postprocess script? if not, just remove this from the list of postprocess scripts for each category... otherwise the download will always show as "failed" because the email script has failed.

I am certainly more concerned about the par failure than the failure... have you tried a manual par check of this download? it could be that the download itself did fail (the par check failed and it can't be repaired...)

Re: Download failure error

PostPosted: Sun Dec 29, 2013 3:52 am
by Caktuz
All files are downloaded and extracted correctly. I have also tested it with parbuddy and everything seems ok.

Here are the settings:


Parcheck: Auto
Parrepair: Yes
Parscan: Auto
StrictParName: No
ParTimeLimit: 0min
ParPauseQueue: Yes
ParCleanupQueue: Yes
NzbCleanupDisk: No
ExtCleanupDisk: .par2, .sfv, _brokenlog.txt


DefScript: nzbToMedia/
ScriptOrder: nzbToMedia/, nzbToMedia/, nzbToMedia/, nzbToMedia/, nzbToMedia/, nzbToMedia/, nzbToMedia/,
ScriptPauseQueue: Yes