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CP Weirdness

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CP Weirdness

Postby Auberon2k » Sat May 31, 2014 7:15 am


I'm having a couple of odd issues with CP, not sure if they are particular to the Asustor version or in general but I thought I should ask. I've had to tell CP to start uTorrent paused and tell UT not to start files automatically because of these issues.
1) CP seems to add movies randomly. I sometimes find movies I have never heard of in my "Wanted" list. The "You may also like" section has been empty for ages, I have no idea where these are coming from or why it adds them.
2) CP very often snatches a movie and immediately marks it completed. More recently and more frequently I am finding CP has snatched a movie, it is added to UT fine but is gone from the CP home page. It's already marked done. As I mentioned I have UT start paused because I was chewing through my bandwidth downloading random movies I didn't want. these ones could be ones I want but are fakes. I'd like to mark them as fakes and set it back to watching but as soon as I tell CP to remove/re-add from the manage list it searches, finds another fake and bounces straight back to done. The "Snatched & Available" is almost unused now. There doesn't appear to be an option to say "Don't download until I say" or "Require manual marking of completion" The way it's acting I'm honestly wishing it wouldn't auto-download at all, just add things to the front page for manual verification. I really like CP, it was working great for quite a while but something odd creeped in somewhere.

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Re: CP Weirdness

Postby Auberon2k » Sat May 31, 2014 10:50 am

I thought about this more, now that I've put it all to paper some things occurred to me. I usually notice the bad or fake downloads in uTorrent first and remove them. Could removing them from uTorrent be what is triggering CP to mark them done/complete and move them to Manage? That may explain one of the issues, if so I'd just have to adjust my behaviour. The random films being added to the wanted list still bugs me.
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Re: CP Weirdness

Postby clinton.hall » Sat May 31, 2014 12:13 pm

random films being add comes about from automation settings. In particular, if you use an invalid list from imdb, on authentication failure the returned page has random movies.... I believe this is fixed in develop... but there is a lot of discussion on CP forums regarding imdb watchlists vs rss...

as to marking complete... do you have renamer enabled?
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Re: CP Weirdness

Postby Auberon2k » Sat May 31, 2014 10:49 pm

AH! The IMDB lists, yes it was watching the top 250 and stuff. That explains that and I can live with it. I didn't think I had the renamer active but the nfo renamer under advanced was on. I changed a few settings last night to test things. Changed it to add films to UT paused (Working fine) and noticed it had grabbed a few this morning. They are all still in the Snatched list in CP too so I think I may be onto something with CP/UT link, I have a feeling removing it from the UT queue makes CP think it's completed. I'll verify the movies today to see if they are more fakes or incorrect versions (I don't download MKV - PS3 can't play it back)
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