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New AS6204T online

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New AS6204T online

Postby Sabertooth » Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:03 am


I'm starting the new year with a new AS6204T. My setup: 3x HGST 6TB NAS Drives in RAID5 and a 3TB WD RED as Archive1. Dual ethernet to a gigabit switch with Adaptive Load Balancing.

So far, setup went pretty well. Documentation for most things seems adequate. After starting out with EZ-connect enabled, I've decided to lock down uPNP and enable Deny access by default on the NAS. The only services I'm running right now are the CIFS/SAMBA, Plex and VPN server. I'm also using the Datasync for MS Onedrive with 2 users. I have a backup plan implemented choosing to stick with Macrium Reflect Free for PC to NAS backups as there didn't seem to be any advantage to switching to the Asustor solution. My surveillance duties are handled by a stand alone Zmodo system also connected to my alarm system for external triggering (so I'm notified of an alarm trigger with pictures.

I already posted about the awful performance of the Avast Anti-Virus (ditched that). I also note, as others have, that the auto fan speed setting isn't adequate. Running in AUTO my drives were sitting at 48 - 51 C. These HGST drives do run a bit hot but I expected the auto fan speed to compensate...apparently not. I set the NAS fans to Medium and that's keeping things at nice 35-7 C. The WD RED is sitting at 25 C with that setting, a full 10 degrees cooler. The system temp was around 33 C so maybe the fan speed is set by this? Plex seems to be sucking up the memory and not releasing it back. I ordered the Corsair ct2kit51264bf160b 2x4 GB PC12800 SODIMMs I saw recommended by others here, which will arrive tomorrow, to up the memory to the maximum 8GB dual channel configuration.

I'm open to any suggestions or advice from you Asustor masters.

Update: RAM successfully updated to 8GB.
AS6204T (ADM 3.2.6.RPS2) with 3x HGST 6TB NAS in RAID5 and 1 HGST 6TB NAS MyArchive1
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