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First time NAS experience AS3102T from Germany

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First time NAS experience AS3102T from Germany

Postby lachender Hans » Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:04 pm


I recently bought a AS3102T and would like to share my initial experience - so either you might find this useful as a potential customer or use it for fixes as a developer.

(1) Language sorting
When I set up the system, I could choose the location of my NAS. The language was already switched to my location. The list of countries was still sorted by their English names, which could be really confusing for some non-English customers ("Germany" translates to German "Deutschland"...)
A little fix, when doing this, consider that some languages use spcial characters (ê, ø, ß etc) and those should be sorted as their base character ;-)

(2) ADM-Defender to aggressive (or missing initial configuration?)
I set up my asustor, I was asked to enable ADM-Defender. I did this. I was logged in via win8.1 as admin, and also installed the AiMaster app on my thone. Also I created a user and mounted my first volume as this user from my win8.1
After some time, my ADM session was timed out, but I could not log in again. Using AiMaster on my phone I found out that the IP of my win8.1 had been blacklisted. I don't know if this was my FireFox running the ADM session or the mounted drives using another account triggered this, but without my phone, this would have been really annoying. I un-blacklisted my win8.1 a couple of times, than I added my whole IP-range used at home as a trusted range, and was done with this problem.
I don't think this scenario (logged in as admin via browser and having drives mounted as another user) is uncommon, and I think this could be a real blocker for some users.

(3) Photo Gallery and Web Service
I first installed the Web Service, later on I installed Photo Gallery. When I clicked Photo Gallery, the new page wouldn't display the desired content but moaned something about EZ-Router. The AiFoto App couldn't connect either. I figured out to forward port 80, and voilà, the Photo Gallery was accessible. This seems strange to me, as I don't use access from outside my LAN and on the demo page, this runs without port forwarding.
I have no clue why this is as it is - what I installed also was tomcat to set up BicBucStriim manually (but I uninstalled tomcat when I wasn't successfully) and later on I installed the BicBucStriim App (what a nice surprise to find this app) but this page doesn't work, either. I hope I can sort out what went wrong here...

Nevertheless, I do like my Asustor NAS as it is silent, fast and the LEDs can be dimmed. Perfect to live in our living room
lachender Hans
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