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Joining the forum

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Joining the forum

Postby AdamvsMaximvs » Sun Jun 06, 2021 4:49 am

Hi Everyone,

Bought my first NAS, a lockerstore 4 drive NAS a few weeks ago. I'll definitely have some questions so I'm joining the forum.

Currently have one drive in it and set up, in the 4th slot as a network drive. Looking to set up plex on a drive I've since plugged into Slot 1, but I'm not sure if I have to activate the drive locally on the unit first or if I do everything through the command center
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Re: Joining the forum

Postby father.mande » Sun Jun 06, 2021 3:50 pm


You can do all using the ADM WebUI ... terminal is used only in specific case ... ex. get the log of an application not using ADM log.

Remember that :
... all disk is formatted by ADM ... to be conform to the NAS partition structure ... so all is erased
... one partition is for data and you can choice to manage it at ext4 or new btrfs file system in single or as a mirror in Raid.
... ... this partition can be used for Raid (1 or 0 in your case (2 disks)) or as single
... ... if single, you have to add a new shared folder (for network visibility) install Plex and configure Plex to use the shared folder you defined (by default it's on the first disk.

AT end ... single (disk) is not secure (so full backup is require regulary) ... if not you can lost ALL your data
with 4 disks model you can used :
Raid0 ... less secure and VERY difficult to impossible to recover
Single ... less secure recovery is hard.
Raid1 ... possibility to lost one disk without loosing your data
Raid 10 ... same BUT you can lost all if Raid0 is impacted first
Raid 5 ... support one disk lost

last point : Raid IS NOT backup ... :mrgreen:

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