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Spammers on these forums

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Spammers on these forums

Postby MikeG.6.5 » Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:20 pm

I no longer have the time to help people with their problems (those I can help with, anyway.) as I'm spending so much time banning accounts and deleting spam posts.

We need a few more moderators to help with this. Or an approval process if the poster has less than a certain number of valid posts. Signature links should be checked to verify they pertain to Asustor products or apps they are able to run. This check should be some sort of automatic process, but baring that, it will fall on the moderators to check them out....

I ban any link that doesn't have Asustor in one or more of the links. Anything with "essay", "kitchen", porn or prostitution sites are automatically banned, these I don't even need to worry about.

So, what I'm asking here, is some of you would step up to become a moderator? There are a couple of you I think would help out a lot, as you are on the forums as much, or more than I am. Think about it. Reply in this thread, or send me a PM and I will forward the names to Asustor's reps to get you added. (hopefully)
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