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[HOW TO] Change Transmission WEB

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[HOW TO] Change Transmission WEB

Postby timonych » Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:06 am

HI Everyone!

This is insctruction how to change the transmission web to user-friendly mode.

1. We need to install Transmission from App Central or just check it if it installed.
2. Turn Off Transmission via App Central.
3. We need to download New Transmission Web Control by ronggang
GO to THIS LINK and PUSH the Download Button.
4. Unzip the archieve in some place.
5. Turn ON SSH and SFTP on Asustor in Services (it needs to connect via SFTP)
6. Connect via SFTP to your Asustor (FileZilla maybe used)
7. Go to this directory - /volume1/.@plugins/AppCentral/transmission
REMARK - the destination may be different in your case because I have only 1 Volume on my AS1002T.
8. Rename the directory web to web-backup
9. Copy web (which was unzipped) to /*/.@plugins/AppCentral/transmission
10. Turn ON Transmission via App Central and check that the interface has changed.
11. Turn OFF SSH and SFTP if You are not use it.

Interface is MultiLIngual :D

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