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PushBullet notifications from your NAS

PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2016 9:24 am
by MikeG.6.5
I created a ticket a while back when Asustor announced they had set up PushBullet for system notifications (log files, etc.) on the NAS.

Basically the ticket was because the only options available to set up PushBullet required you to enter in a telephone number when testing, and without it the notifications wouldn't work. (Asustor Tech Support says they will remove that faux paus from the next version of ADM to come out.)

Recently, Asustor announced PushOver as well. Well, I couldn't find where this was, let alone where a working PushBullet was! So I revisited the old ticket, asking for any kind of update. Low and behold, I got walked to the right place. There is NO information on setting this up on the College, these forums or, for that matter on my ticket until I requested the update.

So here's how:

Open up the ADM on your browser and go to Settings -> Notification. Go to the Push Notification tab, (Which prior to this was used to push notifications out to the AiMaster application on your smart phone or tablet.) From there, select "Add" and select PushBullet (or PushOver, your choice) and then put in the API key you get from PushBullet (or PushOver) and then the device name. Select the notification levels and then test it.

As I use PushBullet fo notifications on PlexPy, CouchPotato, Sonarr, PlexRequests and other forms of pushes, I really wanted to get this going. Now I have it working as I had hoped. I get pushes when one of my users starts watching a video from my NAS, when a new episode or movie is downloaded, or if one of my users wants a new show or movie, if one of the users is buffering when they are viewing something, as well as any system level alerts from the NAS automatically, on my phone, PC and tablet, as desired.

Re: PushBullet notifications from your NAS

PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2016 7:19 pm
by orion
Hi Mike, welcome back. It's been long time that I use the way as you described. That's actually ready for a long time. Cheers.