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[HOW TO] Add custom ddns provider (Strato)

PostPosted: Thu Aug 04, 2016 6:47 pm
by iq9003
I wanted to use my Asustor NAS for updating my DDNS record.
Unfortunately the default list of DDNS providers did not have an option for Strato (this is the provider for my domain)
So here's how I've added Starto to the DDNS list in ADM:

Step 1 - Activate updating DDNS
You can follow these instructions for Strato:

Step 2 - Enable SSH in ADM:
Go to Services==>Terminal

Step 3 - Login with SSH client
I use putty for this.
(Login with admin)

Step4 - Edit DDNS file
Go to the directory containing the DDNS-list file:
cd /usr/builtin/etc.default/inadyn
Edit the file with the following command:
vi ddnsproviders
(instructions how to use vi:

use the cursorkeys to scroll down and use the "i" to insert at the cursor location.
Add following:
DnsSystem =
Website =
ServerName =
ServerUrl = /nic/update?

Step 4 - Save the changes

Step 5 - Select Strato from the list and enter the parameters
Username: (= your domain)
Password: ***** (= password you created using the mentioned instructions for Strato)
Hostname: (= your domain)