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Client backup software

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Client backup software

Postby gozar » Thu Oct 29, 2015 10:04 am

So I am looking for advice on backup strategy and SW.
I loved the way Windows Home Server would create incremental image based backups which I could easily restore by booting to the recovery disk and pointing to my server. When my wife's hard drive failed this just about saved my marriage....put in a new blank HDD and recovery boot disk, a few hours later all was good.
I would like to do this on my 5104T, any suggestions on what software to use, Acronis, NTI, Paragon?
Any experiences you can share on best practices?
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Re: Client backup software

Postby Jan65 » Mon Apr 25, 2016 5:36 pm

I take a different way around.
I use windows, combined with EaseUS backup - and creates whole backups.
I create them, although they take up much more space - because that I have had problems with incremental backups before, because one of the backup-files got corrupt.
My suggestion: Let windows do the "hard-cpu work" (Easeus works fine in the background, one can browse etc, without noticing the backup-proces) - and let the NAS "take and keep" the backup-outputfile.
For more security, I also keep 2-3 of the last backups on the PC, to be able to rool back (if for instance, a sleeping vira/etc starts to make life hell).
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