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AS6210T USB Ports not numbered

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 12:31 pm
by simmiv
I have attached a few external USB drives to the AS6210T NAS.. The ADM shows them in the external devices UI fine. There, they are given numbers, i.e. USB 1, USB 2 etc.. However, non of the USB ports at the back or front of the device are numbered. I've been unable to find this numbering scheme anywhere in the documentation or product guide.. A bit annoying when you need to unplug one of the external USB drives and you don't know which port it is.. I've now worked it out by attaching and detaching a drive to all the ports to see what the show up as.. This NAS has five USB ports, four at the back and one at the front. Two of the ports at the back are USB 2.0 (Black) and two are USB 3.0 (Blue). The front one is USB 3.0 (Blue)

The USB port at the front of the unit (Blue for USB 3.0) is USB-1.
Looking at the back, the top two are USB 2.0 (Black). The left one is USB-2 and the right one is USB-3
Looking at the back, the lower two are USB 3.0 (Blue). The left one is USB-4 and the right one is USB-5.

Hope that helps others!