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How to Record ZOOM Meeting on ASUSTOR NAS | Remote Home and Office

PostPosted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 1:38 am
by davidchang
Recently it has been more of a norm for office employees/workers to WFH (work from home). For students, having class over a virtual classroom has been a daily task. In these cases, it is inevitable to use ZOOM or other web conferencing software like Google Classroom or WebEx cloud during this time.

We will be giving steps on how to start recording your video conference calls over ZOOM and AverMedia EZMeetup. This will allow you to recall discussion materials that you would like to watch over again. Since Zoom and AverMedia EZMeetup are both free, we will be using that in our example setup. The NAS we will be using is the ASUSTOR AS5304T.

Let's take a look at how to save ZOOM and AVerMedia EZMeetup conference system recordings to your NAS.

1. Add NAS to your computer and map a network drive ... ?topic=106

2.Open the video conference system to the place where the image archive is set, the path refers to the IP of the NAS ZOOM (or EZMeetup Plus)

When your meeting is over, the images of your meeting or class will be on NAS again !! ZOOM / EZMeetup will help you convert to MP4 or MOV, there should be no problem in decoding videos in special formats.