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Apache HTTP Webserver set up

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Re: Apache HTTP Webserver set up

Postby Nazar78 » Mon Oct 16, 2023 10:51 am

astroboylrx wrote:Thank you very much for your help and response!!

Nazar78 wrote:
Do a nslookup on your domain against Google DNS (both and TailScale i.e. `nslookup`) then check the result printed does the IPv4 reflect your current public IP (on the same home network, Google what is my IP)? For IPv6 the way it works, you'll need to check the IPv6 directly from your NAS.

Yes, nslookup on my domain does return the public IP (both at the same network and the external network). DDNS in "Manual Connect" in ADM's Settings also shows everything is okay.

Nazar78 wrote:
try access the above two domains on port 80 see if you can reach them.

Not sure how exactly should I do this. But I tried to visit in browser from external network. It does show the default success page, which to my understanding means the port 80 is accessible.

Are there any other tests I should do?
Then it should work without issue. I'm not using Asustor's implementation of Let's Encrypt (due to its limitations i.e. DNS-01 and ECC certs), I'm running my own in chroot auth via nginx. However I just installed Let's Encrypt from the App Central, and successfully registered You can try take a look at the log see if there's anything particular: /usr/local/AppCentral/letsencrypt/.CertBot/log/letsencrypt.log. Else I suggest you to open a ticket with Austor Support since I don't have your actual domain to check.

astroboylrx wrote:The one generated by TailScale has three certificates in the cert file (three blocks of "BEGIN CERTIFICATE" and "END CERTIFICATE"). Maybe ADM doesn't accept such certificate file?
Those are intermediary chained certs and are supported. Try verify your key and cert using openssl:
Code: Select all
openssl rsa -in ssl.key -check

Code: Select all
openssl x509 -in ssl.crt -text -noout
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Re: Apache HTTP Webserver set up

Postby mintosner » Mon Nov 20, 2023 10:38 pm

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