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How do I secure my wifi?

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How do I secure my wifi?

Postby kale_bille » Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:41 pm

This is my first post here. Recently, My friends and I went through this horrible time period where a guy from our workplace hack our wifi and ultimately hack into our conversations and credentials. After this dilemma, I am very much curious about my wifi security. The problem is that with my increased daily workload I can't research the solutions. All I want is a basic checklist to check every time and it would be more good If I can have a solution as a product. Which can secure my connection once and for all whether I am at home or not? Do you guys have any idea about this?
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Re: How do I secure my wifi?

Postby patrickjburt » Sat Mar 21, 2020 4:09 pm

secure it with a vpn.
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Re: How do I secure my wifi?

Postby father.mande » Sat Mar 21, 2020 7:40 pm


In fact the problem is ALWAYS multiple ...
If you secure the Wifi ... but not secure end point (Access Point and client) ... it's as nothing
same if you add a VPN ... if the end point are not secure or routing from LAN / Wan is possible ... hacker can use your VPN in your place ...

After for each wifi you used, you must understand the configuration .. is it a private Wifi at your end point ... so which security management did you use ... ex. Wep it's like nothing when wpa2-pask (TKIP/AES) it's actually one of the best.
If it's a Public Wifi ... you don't have the hands on the Wifi itself ... so you MUST encrypt all data using the Wifi (SSH or VPN on WiFi for ex.)
Also you MUST analyse your local PC or workstation
... suppress any routing
... force VPN only exchange or SSH with strong encryption based ONLY on keys exchange.
... suppress any port open for listening
... don't accept SMB connection (for ex. in a LAN with multiple users)
... etc.

Now you must also understand the other end point (hope you control it) ... with same approach, remember that some VPN (including lot of pay service) are in fact open for remote access if a link is establish.

Prefer (if VPN is your choice) to be able to manage end point (ex. your PC and your NAS even using a VPN at router level (better to protect ALL your exchange)
forgot VPN using user/password, using PPTP, prefer OpenVPN or better for private network use Wireguard (even a kernel module is require ... but easy to create for Asustor NAS kernel).

So with the limited information ... not easy to said you ... solution is X ...
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Re: How do I secure my wifi?

Postby JohnYeomans » Sat May 16, 2020 1:39 pm

Hey. The following tips work for me:
Turn on the firewall on the router. If it does not have a built-in firewall, install a hardware one.
Configure VPN on the router for encryption.
Enable WPA2 encryption on the router, but keep in mind that this is not 100% secure.
Change the SSID of your network, as well as the login and password to enter the router management console. Also, if possible, turn off the SSID display.
Disable WPS, UPnP, remote access and enable
Update your router firmware regularly.
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