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phpVirtualbox & ctrl+c

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phpVirtualbox & ctrl+c

Postby giostark » Thu Feb 22, 2018 6:19 pm

Hi All,
im still here with noob questions. Please be patient.
Im in Arch linux (last build) and Plasma Desktop. Asustor AS5104T.
Using the phpVirtualbox and installing Arch linux I noticed that I cant stop any loop process in the (virtual) console. A simple "ping" make unusable everything.
I tried to look around for found a solution but i found suggestion for "native" virtualbox application on host side, for the php version I didnt found a thing:
1)I have already disable the hotkey for tracking the cursor (ctrl+click)
2)Also disabling all the hotkey in Plasma KDE have no luck.
3)I have no option in the phpVirtualbox that permit to setup the hotkey configuration.
4)the right ctrl seems not work as someone have reported around.
5)any of other combination tried seems not work. WinKey , Alt Gr , ecc ecc

Any suggestion? Tnx ;-)
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