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Asustor (virtualization - VirtualBOX)

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Asustor (virtualization - VirtualBOX)

Postby roziu20 » Sat Nov 26, 2016 1:35 am

I stand before you buy 2 NAS. I am very interested in models ASUSTORA OR AS6202T AS6204T
(Both models have the same Intel Celeron processor N3150 and both would like to
expandable up to 8GB of RAM. The server will be connected via the HDMI cable
TV. I have some questions about this particular server to server users ASUSTOR:

1) I would like to ask whether the NAS server ASUSTOR AS6202t or AS6204t 8GB
RAM and installed VirtualBOX'em and it posed a virtual
Windows 7 (eg assigned. 4GB framework for her and 2-3 cores) will be able to
Windows 7 enable aero style (of course, after the installation of all additives
VirtualBox Guest Additions and installation according to the guide ASUSTORA ... ualBox.pdf
) Eg. A composition with windows aero eg. Landscape or window animations,
Glass Start bar, etc ..?

2) Do not be traces of the mouse while moving it, as if cut
hardware or graphics are not in a virtual machine was making the bet in qnapie (as
This applies to the QNAP about idetycznych parameters (TS-453a-8G) which is
visible during testing, presentation of QNAP example link comp
QNAP TS-251 + / TS-451 + NAS Review - Plex, Video, running Windows and HDMI! (Virtually)

(From 13.23 minutes to see)?

3) Is this wirtualce of Windows 7 will run you eg. Windows Media
player and play some mp3 and you will hear the sound (TV or
the laptop etc.)?

4) Will I be able to play this wirtualce normally plain film in 700mb avi
will be fluent with the sound played?

5) Does the browser in this wirtualce will normally be played back smoothly
Videos on YouTube?

Thanks in advance for your help and explanation. all what they have contact with Asustorem. I would like to, he held the roles of the media center and
PC'eta on the TV. From what I know virtualization in Qnapie does not support DirectX and OpenGL. In Virtualboxie is implemented in sekcji-> Display-> Enable 3D acceleration .... in pecetowym Virtualboxie on Asustorze is also the option (at least in the guide who posted above), but whether this actually works 3D acceleration? Is this VirtualBox included in semen Asustor is not phpVirtualBox (even if the HDMI is connected us and choose VirtualBox whether it is normal or if phpVirtualBox console)?

Maybe some will suggest the US will meet my expectation?
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