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Do you want VirtualBox on ADM?

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Re: Do you want VirtualBox on ADM?

Postby damien599901 » Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:02 pm

mafredri wrote:
damien599901 wrote:you are working on this project ?

I have not yet started work on this project. I first wanted some feedback on what people would use it for and so-far I haven't really gotten anything concrete. The problem with this project is, that if I begin work on it, I want the finished product to be dead-simple for anyone to use. This would also require a lot of testing to get right. It should be no problem copying a ready made VB image to the NAS and spinning it up, but that's all command-line and no automation :)...

So as it stands now, my motivation and time for this project is a bit limited.

You do realize that the machine running on e.g. an AS-6 would be limited to 1 CPU core and depending on how much RAM you have installed, a maximum of 2 GB? If you haven't installed additional RAM, then if you're not running any Xorg services, you could maybe squeeze out an 512MB max. More than that and you're not guaranteed to have a stable system.

Thanks for all your complete explanations. i will not have this problem with my 7004 T and 10 GO of RAM :mrgreen:
Thanks by advance for all
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Re: Do you want VirtualBox on ADM?

Postby Sonn » Sun Feb 01, 2015 8:52 am

If I knew this was something that was in the works I would also purchase a AS7series, its the only thing that's holding me back... I would rather purchase this than a qnap...
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