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OpenSource Virtualization

Just about everything is virtual these days. Topics relating to virutalization go here.

OpenSource Virtualization

Postby samtzu » Thu Mar 24, 2022 7:12 pm

Rather than favourin VirtualBox we should turn to Proxmox with our virtualization needs.
It's OpenSource and in my humble opinion "much" better choice than VirtualBox.
All it needs to run is minimal Debian and Proxmox kernel.
With Promox you have all TurnkeyLinux LXC containers ready to use.
LXC is the way to go with "mini" virtualization that is needed with Asustor NAS solutions.

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Re: OpenSource Virtualization

Postby Nazar78 » Fri Mar 25, 2022 8:50 pm

Asking Asustor to add something to the kernel is likely never gonna happen. Even if it's already in the streamline long ago. They're just forwarded to the engineers then no news. One of the recent two instances I've requested (first was a bluetooth patch) was USB-IP which is not complete, missing some modules. That was many months ago and I still don't see it in the kernel after many new minor/major releases. The solution Asustor support gave was VirtualHere which is not open source. The solution I finally went for was to load the modules in virtualbox running minimal headless distro and it works perfectly. But I wish though I could just load the modules natively without overhead or the hassle of recompiling the kernel everytime there's a new update.

Asustor has already included LXC, Linux Center app in the App Central, but it's implemented in such a way it's difficult to setup a new container unless you go through all the commands. I did however managed to setup LXD based Ubuntu 21.10 with hardware acceleration and fixed audio after few hurdles.
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