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Upgrade single hard drive

Backup and data protection discussion at its finest.

Re: Upgrade single hard drive

Postby Ryan » Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:14 pm

sksbir wrote:Hi
Here is the way you may do it, based on the way I did it in 06/2016
- 1/ get an 4Tb external USB disk, backup everything. backup your configuration too.
- 2/ Install your 10Tb disk in 2nd slot.
- 3/ Remove volume1 ( has I did )
- 4/ reinstall volume1 on your new disk
- 5/ restore your configuration ( maybe it will work now ), or reconfigure manually, recreate your shared folders
- 6/ restore your data
- 7/ remove the old and now unused disk.

Perfect! It worked. Thanks
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