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RAID1 upgrading bad drive

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RAID1 upgrading bad drive

Postby mai0f » Tue Sep 19, 2017 2:51 am


Model is AS1002T. Originally I set it up my 2 bay NAS as RAID1 with two 1TB drives.
Drive #2 is shot. I removed it a while ago. I can't access the "management" option for the volume.
What would be the best way to upgrade to two 2TB drives? Can I add one 2TB to the vacant slot, then once it's done synchronizing, swap out the first drive (1TB) with my other 2TB, then let it sync? or do i *HAVE* to transfer everything to an external source, and "start from scratch"?

thank you
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Re: RAID1 upgrading bad drive

Postby MikeG.6.5 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:32 am

Raid 1 is not fault tolerant. What this means is the data is spread across all elements of the Raid.

The only way to recover the data (what you can access) is to copy it to a different drive/device. Then you can replace the old drives with new ones and form new Raid array. Then copy the data from the other device back to your NAS's new drives.

Any level of Raid is NOT data protection. Losing a drive with Raid 5 or 6 can result in complete loss of all data. If you want to ensure you don't lose your data you need to have it backed up to several different devices. (I suggest at least 3, with one off site.)

EDIT: Orion is right in his reply below. I was thinking Raid 0 for the whole response above.... Brain was still thinking that stupid movie I watched last night. Mother! (Don't waste your time, was really disjointed.)
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Re: RAID1 upgrading bad drive

Postby orion » Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:21 am

RAID-1 is doing mirror copy. So it can be tolerant of one disk failure. Of course, your RAID-1 is now in degraded mode which means it will lose your data if the only left disk failed. However I believe the only disk should be working fine.
Yes, you can do on-line capacity expansion as you described. Here is the information from asustor: (Section 3)
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