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Optimize data storage configuration

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Optimize data storage configuration

Postby Norbyte » Fri Jul 21, 2017 9:07 pm


I have an Asustor AS6104T with four 3Tb WD REDs (upgraded to 2*8Gb RAM).
Currently they runs in RAID5, total available capacity 8,4Tb.

I plan to enable Surveillance too with 2 cameras (may be expand to four later).
I don't know how will affect data storage and data security the intensive HDD write, so for a while I'm thinking about to re-organize the storage, but I don't know how to separate the disks.

I have currently 1,5Tb TV shows, 1,5Tb Movies and approx 500Gb other documents/backups from PCs. These are the most important (frequent backup to USB disk from those) files.

1st idea was to place 2*3Tb into RAID0, 3Tb for important data and the last 3Tb (or 1Tb WD Blue) for surveillance storage - "33+3+3"
2nd idea to go back 3*3Tb RAID5 (~6Tb capacity) and the last separately for surveillance 3Tb (or 1Tb WD Blue) - "333+3"
3rd option to split TV shows and movies and all - 3+3+3+3"
4th variation to use MyArchive, but in that case i lose an internal slot which could be replaced with USB not a real option

Frequent backup to external disk 2/3Tb from important data and rare TV shows/movies

In all cases I have to backup everything and start from scratch or I can leave in the current configuration and hope the Security camera stream won't affect badly the RAID performance and disk health.

What could you recommend for me?

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Re: Optimize data storage configuration

Postby Kapitein Haak » Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:39 pm

Hello Norbyte,

I have two disks in RAID-1 and use Surveillance center as well. I do see a consistent 130kb network load to the NAS from the camera, but I have set schedules when to actually record (and only then when the camera detects motion). The amount of data written to disk isn't too bad in my case. If you want to record two camera's 24/7 I would go with the second option. This would give you the most flexibility in case the amounts of data shift and will keep your data safe in case a single disk fails. I would not place important data on a single disk (not even when creating copies on USB).

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Re: Optimize data storage configuration

Postby Antonios » Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:31 pm

Well, I would get a WD purple for the surveillance thing, these don't do error correction but who cares if a few pixels in a surveillance recording end up being the wrong color as long as the disk stands the abuse of constant multi stream recording.

The rest as they are, 3 WD reds in RAID 5 and the remaining WD red either kept as cold spare or placed in an enclosure and used for external backup or whatever.

Just my 2c.
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Re: Optimize data storage configuration

Postby Norbyte » Mon Jul 24, 2017 4:00 pm

Thanks for the answers.
I already started to backup the files, in the next few hours I will be able to destroy the current raid and build the new one.
And yes, the WD Purple is a good idea, I also don't wan't to waste a WD RED for surveillance recordings.

So I will go for RAID5 with three disks and a 4th one for recording. I have spare 1Tb WD green, maybe that will be good for that as start (or the Seagate 2Tb - in case need more capacity or when the other dies)
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