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Incremental External Backup

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Incremental External Backup

Postby wmealiea » Fri Mar 24, 2017 8:06 am

I am not able to backup up my NAS to an external hard drive with any success. The NAS will backup (incredibly slowly) to an empty USB drive, but even though I've set it for an incremental backup, I get errors saying the destination storage space is full after the first backup. I have about 2.98 TB of data on the NAS and this occurs when I try backing up to an external usb drive with 5.41 TB free space, when empty. I've opened a ticket with Asustor, but I was wondering if the community had any ideas? The external hard drive is a Western Digital My Book and I've tried with both NTFS and EXT4 format.
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Re: Incremental External Backup

Postby pafer » Wed Apr 05, 2017 8:45 pm

This may be a silly question, but does the external drive actually get filled up?

I ask because I had a similar issue when ADM was creating shortcuts* within each share to the same share, e.g. a shortcut to the 'Download' share would appear within the 'Download' share itself.

This meant that the NAS kept going round in circles backing up the same share but within a folder structure that kept getting deeper with every round until the destination drive was full.
I had to delete the shortcuts by placing them in the NAS recycle bins and then emptying the bins (as the bins also get backed up); this had to be done using ADM File Explorer as Windows had no authority to delete them.
This is clearly not ideal, as it meant everything else in the bins was removed also.

They used to re-appear every now and again but, fingers crossed, some version of ADM seems to have resolved the issue as I haven't had it for a good while!
I still keep a close eye on it, though, as it could potentially leave me without a decent backup!

*maybe I mean symlinks - I'm not a Linux expert by any stretch! :?
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