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BackUp and Initiat NAS

Backup and data protection discussion at its finest.

BackUp and Initiat NAS

Postby Steve » Sat Jan 11, 2020 3:15 am

Hello everyone!

I run an AS6404T since 1 year successfully with 2x 4TB WD RED in RAID.
The system stores and runs all applications from Volume1, thats why the HDD never turns off.

My idea is now,
[1] BackUp all my Data,
[2] all settings,
[3] restore the NAS to factory default,
[4] remove the HDDs,
[5] insert in a new SSD,
[6] power up and import my settings,
[7] insert in the HDDs,
[8] move the Apps from the old volume1 to the new SSD-Voume1.

will the NAS recognize my Data on the HDD?
What is stored in the export of my settings?
Will the Apps be recognized or musst they be reinstalled and reconfigurated?

Then all Apps will run from the SSD and the HDDs should turn off. Hopefully...
Has anyone made this so far?
Is this a good idea or is the read/write-access to much for a SSD?

Thank you.
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Re: BackUp and Initiat NAS

Postby orion » Mon Jan 13, 2020 10:31 am

No, I don't think so. If I were you, I'll do this way:
  • Backup data outside of NAS.
  • Re-initialize NAS with volume-1 as SSD, volume-2 as 2-disk RAID-1 volume.
  • Copy your data back to volume-2.
Although there are other ways, it might take longer time.

SSD should be all right in case that you put fewer data on SSD volume-1. It's a good idea to cease HDD accessing sound. I do the same thing. However I won't put sensitive data on SSD without RAID protection.
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