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Encryption -> Directory/File Length Limitations

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Encryption -> Directory/File Length Limitations

Postby Hard-Boiled » Tue Dec 10, 2019 6:59 pm

i'm planning to Transfer data to an encrypted Folder on the NAS and did some Tests in Advance, since many of the directories/files are in total > 143 Bytes of length. Maybe someone would be able to explain/help… ;-)

1) when trying to copy a "dir/file" (> 143) to a shared Folder , which is ALREADY encrypted, i get an Ref.5602 error,
as expected.

2) when I create a Folder (unencrypted) first, then copy the "dir/file" (> 143) to the Folder, it works as expected, too,

3) However, when i copy the file to the unencrypted Folder , as in 2), and THEN encrypt the Folder (already keeping the file),
i get a warning About the size Limitation, but the Folder is getting encrypted nevertheless.

When done 3), it seems, the Folder is encrypted, and the file did'nt Change and seems to be usable !?

Questions :

1) How can that be ? Shouldn't the file be corruped somehow, e.g. not usable ? file-Name shortened to <=143 , etc. ?

2) So, if 3 is a usable method, without "destroying" dir/files > 143, can that be the recommended solution ?

3) When doing 1) and i get the Ref.5602 error, i just get the error-info, i don't get the Name of the file causing Trouble.

Are there recommendations, how to identify the file(s) causing Trouble ?

Any hints welcome.
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