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Recreating a volume due to resizing

PostPosted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:48 am
by dkobelak
So I have a question when it comes to deleting and recreating a volume..
to start off all my personal data is backed up on a different NAS. currently i only have one volume (volume1) which consists of 4x3tb drives.. since we can not downsize a raid volume i understand I will have to delete it and recreate a new one.. I do not want to replace all 4 disks to bigger ones as it will be too expensive getting all 4 disks at once. I plan on starting new volume with 2x10TB.. now, here are my questions.. what actually happens when I delete volume1? I assume all my insalled apps in ADM will be gone? will I have access to ADM or will I need to do initial setup from scratch? what is the easiest way (if any) of doing this without having to setup my NAS from scratch (ex. setup apps and IP, etc.)? is there any way to backup ADM profile?
another idea is to shutdown NAS, remove my current 4x3tb disks and install 2x10tb and boot up.. would that take me through new initialization or will it just error out bc previous volume1 has not been deleted? this option would be better because I would still have my original disks with data as a second backup..
any help would be great..