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iDrive update to ver 2.0

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iDrive update to ver 2.0

Postby Mikevl » Wed Aug 03, 2022 5:14 am


I have a AS-609R I bit older now I know. Its running the latest firmware for this unit 3.5.9.RUE3.

I recently got a message that iDrive had a new version (ver 2.0) and I should update. I did this noteing that it required a prerequisite of PHP7. The system install PHP7 but the iDrive 2.0 would not install, just hung with a spinning circle. I had to reboot the NAS. I uninstalled iDrive and attempted to reinstall it. No joy. reboot > uninstall. This time I uninstalled PHP 7 > reboot > reinstalled PHP7 > Install iDrive no joy. Now I have done this 4 times.

I have contacted support whose only suggestion was to uninstall PHP7 :D Yea. Of course now they have dropped the case.

I have ased if they have a copy of the older version 1.x.x of iDrive but they have chosen not to reply. I'm not impressed as this renders the backup of many terabytes of data useless. Not good when we have deadbolt hanging around.

Can anybody help with an iDrive 1.x.x . apk ?

Thanks so much for your help

Mike v
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Re: iDrive update to ver 2.0

Postby ilike2burnthing » Wed Aug 03, 2022 5:50 am

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