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Re: Enable personal website

PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 11:48 am
by orion
Overspeed wrote:Thanks for this info. Now if I may, can I ask about domain configuration? I would like to purchase a .com domain and host a small site on my as5104T. I've done this before with commercial web hosting providers, but no sure how to configure the NAS for this. Typically when you buy a domain, you enter the Nameservers of the hosting provider in your registrar account. This forwards all DNS requests to that server. I don't have a dedicated IP but I am using the Asustor Cloud Connect & DDNS services. Is it possible to forward a domain to a NAS in this manner? Typically Nameserver configurations require eg: etc. IF all of that is possible, then there is the issue of DNS. I would also like the NAS to host email for the domain I will purchase. I would need port configuration and mail servers configured on the NAS. As far as I know, the NAS has no DNS software so I'm a little stumped as to how it will run public facing websites and email. Is any of this possible?

If you don't own a public static IP, you may try CNAME record in your DNS configuration (the domain configuration you purchased). This record should redirect to your asustor cloud ID or DDNS name. I think you need to contact to the domain maintainer that you purchased to check if CNAME is supported.

I did not try it before. So, good luck. ;)