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Re: SSL Certificate

PostPosted: Fri Jan 02, 2015 4:20 pm
by Kapitein Haak
Hello Dandy010,

Your information is in red.
I needed to renew the certificate anyway, so for those who would like to have a *FREE* certificate for their NAS (and not 90 days free, but always):
Create an account on and export the authentication certificate (to logon to the website) as per their instructions
Validate an e-mail address
Validate the domain you're using (create a postmaster account or an alias) to do the verification (use check e-mail address from the toolbox)
Then request the server certificate:
- Remember (or better: write down) your password, select 2048 bits and SHA2
- Select http://www. domain.ext> (or whatever you use)
- Save the private RSA key as ssl.key
- Save the certificate as ssl.crt
- Decrypt the private key (ssl.key) to ssl.decrypted
- Create a new text file and copy the contents of both ssl.decrypted and ssl.crt (in that order) into this file
- Save the new file and import this file a a certificate in your NAS (no need to worry about intermediate or root certificates)
Test your https connection to your NAS.

Best regards,
Kapitein Haak.