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So I made jdk + wildfly + gitblit apk's..

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So I made jdk + wildfly + gitblit apk's..

Postby BloodyCactus » Sun Apr 02, 2017 3:34 am

Making APK's was... an interesting experience. Very frustrating the lack of user control (hey lets run everything as root! ugh).

Anyway, I made a latest JDK 1.8.0_121 apk, since I found the installed JRE lacking. I decided not to conflict with JRE since ASUSTOR themselves publish tomcat which uses it, so not to break anything I made it separate.

Found out that it ignores license.txt, which the developer guidelines says it will display it. maybe I missed getting it right somewhere...

Once I had the JDK going, I made a Wildfly 10.1.0 final. Everything seems to work, but damn is busybox limited. I did manage to get it all running under admin.administrators, so one step sideways from being run as root. Wildfly is setup in RBAC mode, not simple authentication.

With wildfly up, I installed gitblit into wildfly to have a nice git server with gui and management on the server side. Seems to be working fine.

I will make all 3 apk available if someone wants but I dont think I will push them to the app store. I believe you must display the oracle license when installing jdk and I cant figure out what needs to be done to make CONTROL/license.txt show (maybe something small I missed), the developer guidelines contradict themselves (is it a folder or is it license.txt ?? I tried both, nothing displayed).

Also these are not really geared to 'upgrade' etc. Upgrading wildfly would be a major pain configuration wise. So I dont want to be responsible for them if someone doesnt setup proper passwords in wildfly / gitblit or whatever.. deployments + git repos are shared folders, so they are not lost on upgrades...

oh, and its x86_64 so wont run on AS2/AS3/AS10.

I cant imagine anyone would run any ASUSTOR nas in production, everything is configured to run as root, so dangerous.
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Re: So I made jdk + wildfly + gitblit apk's..

Postby BloodyCactus » Tue Apr 04, 2017 6:25 am

Just made a firebirdsql apk too, because what the heck, I can move it off my main box to asustor just fine. sweet. maybe I should move unbound over too, a nice dns server... hmm....
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Re: So I made jdk + wildfly + gitblit apk's..

Postby father.mande » Tue Apr 04, 2017 8:10 pm


Very interesting job ...

You are certainly true to build your own environment , the problem at a time for user is to have multiple version of basic tools ...
... multiple JRE version (sub version in fact)
... lot of Python version
... private tomcat for each application
etc. etc.
And the worst ... running as root approach ...

The interest of a "coherent" system like a NAS ... is to don't reinvent the wheel ... I don't understand why Asustor can't provide basic languages ad tools usable and at good level, providing a personal version ... is analyse by Asustor as : I don't have to do the job ... people (integrator and developer of APKG) do it for me ... AND SUPPORT because I(Asustor) don't have to do it ... ALL is perfect ...
JRE is not at the good level (ex. Jdownloader2 can't run on Armhf (with the Asustor version) ... so I can supply another JRE (I had tested it) ... but it's so stupid ... in this case why don't rebuild the entire NAS

For Busybox ... I think same ... or solution exist (one is not Asustor and more a workaround is Entware APKG that bring all FULL GNU tools and more, just to verify the it's started before your own application (so as a "depends") the easy way (without large works can be manage by Asustor by supplying an APKG with all tools (applet of busybox) ... and use the uninstall procedure (suppress link) of busybox (so it start with and the low size ... but don't keep it after boot), a second way is the so standard tools (use for live CD for ex.) using a unionfs or aufs ... to take place over the busybox delivery ... etc. etc.

And last Asustor must build basic language NOT using terrific cross-compile ... but based on a native compile tools
ex. python provide by Asustor are 'inside" the binary, attached to the cross-compile full path of gcc (unknown in our NAS, so you can't add module needing to build libraries for ex.)

It's really an unsatisfactory solution ... for permit a large increase of application in Asustor NAS ... I'm not sure they know what they're losing ...
good luck (and don't forgot if it's possible in your application ... Armhf architecture ... )

AS5002T / AS202TE / AS1002T
APKG Download :
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My Forum specific to my APKG :
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Re: So I made jdk + wildfly + gitblit apk's..

Postby BloodyCactus » Sat Apr 08, 2017 6:59 am

OK, I think I got them up, in github

pull the APK, manual install.

see instructions on github page for requirements / notes etc.
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Re: So I made jdk + wildfly + gitblit apk's..

Postby BloodyCactus » Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:14 am

ssh is working fine once you upload your public key in a users profile (it goes in the ssh directory in the shared folder).
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