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X+Alsa development

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X+Alsa development

Postby Hedgehog » Wed Jun 05, 2019 9:40 pm

I'm investigating the possibilities of creating multimedia apps but am a bit confused by the lack of support.

I found the toolchain in the developer Corner, but sadly nothing with regard to X11 or multimedia.

The App Central does have, but only the binary runtime.

Searching the internet gives me the impression nothing exists.
Where can I find the X11+Alsa include files and developer libraries?

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Re: X+Alsa development

Postby father.mande » Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:07 am


Good but large and complex question ...
First I am not Asustor (I am a user) and don't have information you don't have ...

Asustor don't provide a clear (in fact nothing) about adding application on X11 / Asportal (it's the Asustor's desktop need to start easily application directly from hdmi screen)
... it's always possible to run using a terminal ... but this complicate the problem (it's my opinion ... so perhaps not true :roll: )

Xorg is provide by Asustor as an APKG
... so Xorg is launched with it's own libraries BUT not with all (this imply that you MUST add this libraries path if you want to use them)
... alsa is provide as (very reduce) part of Xorg delivery

Asustor also deliver the kernel modules (graphics, sound, etc.) need for each kernel version ... so take care to use libraries compatible with this kernel modules ...

multiple solution exist ...

1) use your own Linux for ex. Ubuntu 14.04 (near of basic libraries libc and + and Xorg)
... compile your program, transfer to NAS, check for missing libraries in NAS and provide them as private library path
... build an APKG for that

2) use a chroot of a compatible (with kernel level and modules) linux for ex. Ubuntu 16.04 and do what you want, compile, generate a limited chroot for exec. if you manage to propose your tool to others user
... advantage, you can update libraries with apt tools as in Ubuntu and add repository (like Kodi or other)
... only problem is to manage access right (all is build for admin / root on NAS, so if you use root no problem but if you want to have a "normal" user ... you MUST change access right for X11, Drm, Dri and sound devices
... build an APKG for using it

3) use an existing environment already done for applications (ex. myHD APKG)
... myHD is :
... it's an isolated chroot of Ubuntu 18.04 (or 16.04) able to run applications like Kodi, Plex Media Player, etc. so with video acceleration, full ALSA and pulseaudio , etc.
... advantage as chroot here before ... apt is provide
... advantage it's easy to create (a tool exist) launcher in Asportal to offer access to application as any Asustor App. (APKG automatic generator don't need to know how to)
... isolation add support for private mount, pid, ipc ... but network is shared (to access Xorg provide by Asustor) so need to take care about port already used.
... disadvantage ... you use an environment maintain and create by another user (me in this case) even all scripts and tools used are provide as an open source environment.
... myHD use a standard user (named : astr) for security

etc. sure other solution can exist ...

After without more detail on your target (if it's not secret) ... it's difficult to be more precise.

Last Asustor provide a specific site (and support ? I don't know) for developers ... where you get the tool-chain ... perhaps some help can be offer ...

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Re: X+Alsa development

Postby Hedgehog » Thu Jun 06, 2019 4:43 am

I bought a AS6302T (with 8G memory) as a replacement NAS media player. I choose this model because of the HDMI 2 / 4K playout and the App market which included NextCloud.

The picture quality is amazing, yet I had a nasty surprise that it didn't support Kobi, for reasons I also didn't expect.

Instead you get Plex which requires an account, that tracks anything you do and everything you play, shares that information with 3rd parties and expects a monthly fee for viewing/listening your own media. This is just grotesque and I can't imagine anyone agreeing to do so.

I took some time reading the other posts and I have the impression that we are the only 2 multi-media developers. Asustor is delivering a platform open enough for basic development, but as it seems no multi-media support. For a open development community that isn't really a good premises.

The hardware is relatively new, for storage it seems more than okay, but for multi-media it seems dead.

I'll send support a request to make available the Xorg development environment, otherwise I will try to reverse engineer the apk and see how far I get. If that doesn't work.. well.. I will seriously reconsider if I should continue.
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Re: X+Alsa development

Postby father.mande » Thu Jun 06, 2019 4:42 pm


It's always a good idea to put a request to Asustor using the support form. Hope you get a correct (for you) response.

F.Y.I. Kodi is not provide (as I know) by Asustor nor by other NAS provider due to a licence (not kodi) problem
... Dolby group (that don't be able to provide new things) have law action against any hardware provider if they provide also by themselves software (a list exist) able to use their codec.
... the licence cost require is enormous (due to NAS disk capacity) ... so can't be supported by NAS provider (and user at end)
... this list (of software) is not fully know ... but sure they act against Kodi, serviio and some more ... if provide by same provider than hardware.
... attack is only done when a provider have a certain weight and have some money to pay.

Kodi etc. can be provide by user without cost and based on existing source code ... without specific change linked to platform.

Last some information based on my own experience (because I try to solve the same problem with my own approach (and based on investigating APKG))
... I stop generate kodi 18 (with only Xorg and Asportal) after alpha 2 due to libraries inconsistency (even system (not only Xorg) libraries)
... I create myHD APKG to have an open solution for Kodi (17, 18 and now alpha 19) but also for other software ... ex. Kodi18 are provide using official kodi / xbmc Ubuntu repository when kodi 17 is recompile to offer the two parallel)
... feel free to try myHD (available on any x86_64 NAS, as I know) and MH-kodi18 or other MH_xxx software (launcher in Asportal) and nothing is hidden, so don't hesitate to see inside to create your own or do change in (I can also incorporate your change if you want in a next release)

... Serviio ... have less attach ... so is ported on Xorg and Asportal as any Asustor application.

All the thing I try to do, can be do by you (apkg can be extracted using the tools provide by Asustor) ... I am a user like you and not an Asustor expert

Good luck.
We wait for your next APKG for the community.

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