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Deleted Items Still Appearing: SOLVED

The UPnP AV Media Server app can turn your NAS into your home multimedia streaming server. As long as you have devices that support UPnP or DLNA (for example, SONY BRAVIA TV or PlayStation3), you can directly browse and stream the pictures, music and videos stored on your NAS.

Deleted Items Still Appearing: SOLVED

Postby Jussumguy » Tue May 04, 2021 4:10 am


I confirmed through Windows that the items/s in question are gone, they are. I opened up file browser within the nas, again item/s are in fact gone. Never the less the deleted items are still appearing in the tv's media player. I am using UPnP v1. I have done Manual Rescan twice. Checked for and installed updates. Even rebooted everything (tv's, router, nas). No luck, deleted item/s still appearing (two tv's same problem).

Is there a way to manually delete and recreate the database file generated by UPnP v1? Or is there some trick to get it to stop displaying the no longer existing item/s?


Solved it!

Uninstall UPNPv1
Reinstall UPNPv1
Reconfigure Folder Assignments
Scan Now

Ghost folder is now gone. Issues like this would be easier to deal with if the "app" provided a way to delete the database file and then rebuild it from scratch, as opposed to having to uninstall reinstall reconfigure and rescan, every time this happens.
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